We understand the importance of environmental sustainability in motorsport, automotive and sports and leisure projects, and working with a range of partners, Driven can help venues, events and organisations optimise their performance through design, audits and operations.

In addition to our project services, we also recognise Driven’s own responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and to contribute positively to the industries we serve.

Our Sustainability Strategy (which can be viewed in full here) outlines six core areas for which we have set a number of goals reflecting our commitment to sustainability, and through these initiatives we aim to demonstrate leadership, enhance our reputation and ensure that Driven is making a positive impact.


Carbon Neutral

We will begin monitoring our carbon footprint, allowing us to track progress and develop strategies to advance towards our goal of Driven becoming carbon neutral by 2029.


Driven will log and monitor all mileage (excluding commuting) and explore more sustainable methods of travel as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and to mitigate the environmental impact of our business operations.


Working with our office partners, we will explore methods to identify inefficiencies and energy saving opportunities in our office, such as by potentially transferring to more renewable energy sources.

Waste and Recycling

We will continue to recycle and emphasise the importance of doing so, whilst working towards implementing better practices for waste disposal working with our office partners.


At Driven, we have a strong community focus and will continue to participate in volunteering activities, partnering with a local charity to benefit both the people and the environment around us in Hook.


We strive to achieve various accreditations and awards that reflect our commitment to sustainability, making active steps to accomplish these.

Our Specialisms

Our holistic approach to sustainability covers a range of tailored services for both new and existing projects, and we are passionate about educating the benefits of sustainable venues, events, procedures and strategies to the industries we work in.

From operational procedures and renewable energy integration through to and audits and Environmental Management Systems (EMS), our services aim to help clients achieve their goals whilst maximising efficiency and profitability, highlighting new avenues and introducing innovative solutions whilst doing so.

Motorsport, automotive and sports and leisure projects are not historically famous for its ‘green’ credentials, but it has never been more important and it is vital that venues, events, destinations and organisations compliment the shared aspiration for an innovative and sustainable world.

motorsport architecture rendered building

Sustainbility Technology Partnerships

Integrating clean and SMART technology solutions into existing facilities or new developments can reduce ongoing operational costs, generate new revenue streams and create marketing opportunities.

Driven can help implement these advanced solutions into both established venues as a seamless overlay, or as part of the infrastructure design brief for new developments. We work closely with leading partners to integrate these systems, tailoring innovative solutions for each project to maximise efficiency and unlock new potential for revenue generation.

motorsport masterplanning

Event Strategies

Driven can review operational plans for temporary events and advise on strategies and methods to reduce environmental impact and achieve cost savings, liaising with key stakeholders through the process.

This can be achieved through simple and effective procedures such as increased use of digital media, planned transport strategies and implementing event waste recycling plans. We also offer support for achieving ISO 20121 accreditation for sustainable event operations, using our first-hand experience from regional sports events through to major international motorsport.

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Audits and Sustainability Strategies

We can undertake independent audits and produce sustainability strategies for sports venues, teams, championships and organisations to assess environmental performance and identify areas for improvement.

By evaluating staff and management awareness, operating procedures and environmental practices, our audits aim to provide valuable insights and practical solutions to enhance sustainability. The assessments also serve as a useful step in pursuing formal environmental accreditations, offering a clear roadmap for meeting the necessary requirements. Driven can package these findings into a clear sustainability strategy, profesionally designed and presented in accordance with your company brand guidelines.

Driven International Sports Hospitality

EMS Design and Implementation

Driven can produce a bespoke Environmental Management System (EMS) for your business to comply with industry best practice and international standards, such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 20121 and the FIA for motorsport.

We work with clients to develop procedures which promote continual improvement in sustainable business operations, using a cloud-based EMS. Our services include training techniques to engage all stakeholders in contributing to energy saving, waste recycling, resource conservation and environmental stewardship, leading to cost savings and positive outcomes and adaptable to different venues and types of businesses.

Museums and Experience Centres

Sustainable Architecture and Masterplanning

We consider sustainability from the earliest concept stages of a project, integrating environmentally conscious practices into our architecture and masterplans using our team’s expertise in sustainable building design.

Our architecture is tailored to each region we work in, coordinating with local architects during the process to use locally sourced materials, and our buildings are designed to be able to achieve certifications such as LEED and BREEAM. Driven also review building placement and orientation within the context of overall masterplans, integrating sustainable energy sources such as solar farms and wind turbines, plus strategic shaded and planted areas to create comfortable climates for the end user, all brought together into fully considered concepts.

Museums and Experience Centres

Environmental Design Strategies

Driven evaluate potential environmental impacts and create innovative solutions and strategies for our design projects, helping to lower operational costs, reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.

This includes analysing factors such as biodiversity, waste, water resources and carbon emissions, and implementing sustainable design strategies which enhance aspects including natural ecosystems, energy management and stormwater runoff, whilst enhancing the aesthetics of the venue.

Sustainability case studies

Circuits Sustainability Study


Driven worked with Motorsport UK and Enovation Consulting on a study to understand how sustainable circuits in the United Kingdom are.

With the support of the FIA, the study covered a range of topics and questions to understand the baseline levels of sustainability for various circuits in the UK. Driven produced a report for each circuit, with scoring and feedback offering advice and support for improvements.

Wales Rally GB FIA Environmental Accreditation


Driven were appointed to support an application for FIA Environmental Accreditation for Wales Rally GB.

International Motorsports Ltd, who also organised the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, successfully achieved the highest level of accreditation on the scheme, the ‘Achievement of Excellence’. Driven since worked with IMS to independently audit their environmental operating standards before each subsequent Wales Rally GB event.



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UK: +44 (0) 1256 767766
USA: +1 (0) 706 870 3743