Driven uses virtual reality as part of our standard working methods, to continually push boundaries and offer clients the opportunity to fully understand and visualise their designs and project from an early stage.

For our race track projects, we create realistic virtual reality 3D models of Driven designed motor racing and driving circuits, which allow our design team and the client to “test drive” tracks in a virtual world before detailed design or construction is approved.  We’ve taken this approach on several projects, allowing us to obtain feedback from the client, professional racers and safety bodies, whilst also acting as a tool for our design team to constantly improve our designs.

We’ve extended this approach into our wider site planning and architectural designs, allowing our team to completely model a building or large-scale site into a fully immersive virtual reality world.

Architectural Design using Virtual Reality

The use of VR in architecture offers so much more than just some 3D visuals. With no special skill or experience, our clients can easily understand what is being shown, making it an amazing tool for conveying design ideas to people who may not be familiar with reading design or construction drawings.

If you’ve not tried it, it’s difficult to explain why virtual reality is so powerful… but we’ll try….

Imagine looking at a photo of the Empire State Building…. Now imagine you are in New York, standing at the base of it looking up. It’s massive, towering over you, and you suddenly get a feeling for just how tall it is – something that the photo or any amount of dimensions and statistics could ever make you feel. The experience of VR is so much closer to that feeling than looking at a 2D image, and that’s why it’s so integral to our design methods.

From the first design concept it is therefore possible to step inside the VR world and take a look around a building or project. Making big decisions about designs early on is vastly more cost effective than changing the design at a later stage or indeed once construction has started.


Sport is not historically famous for its ‘Green’ credentials but as we move into an era where electric vehicles and SMART cities are commonplace, it is vital that we become responsible for behaving in a manner that compliments the modern, sustainable world we are striving to create.

Driven is a member of BASIS (British Association for Sustainable Sport) and is passionate about educating the sports sector about the benefits of creating sustainable venues and operations. Our team have worked internationally with major sports venues, governing bodies and events to advise on environmental sustainability. Our experience ranges from auditing, developing frameworks, designing ISO Environmental Management Systems in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO20121 guidance, and drafting new environmental operating procedures for major events such as the Wales Rally GB.  We have also implemented the FIA Environmental Sustainability programmes to Excellence level for the British Automobile Racing Club and UK Motorsports Association.

SMART Technology & Mobility

Advances in mobile technology and SMART appliances has enabled ordinary people and businesses to automate major processes that were once a drain on time and resource.

Driven encourages both existing sports and leisure venue owners or new site developers to consider reducing their ongoing operational costs, whilst generating new revenue and marketing opportunities by investment in clean and SMART technology. This can be provided as an overlay into an established venue, or form part of the infrastructure design brief at new sports and leisure developments.

We work closely with world leading partners in the technology, automotive, leisure and motorsport sectors to integrate these solutions into our projects and client venues.  Talk to us if you want to introduce new technology into your existing venue or design project.

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